Claims Management

ALPHA Fund’s claims management philosophy is simple. We care, for caregivers.

Manageable Case Inventories

ALPHA Fund’s examiner inventories average 130 in an industry where case inventories average 160- 180 open claims. Lower case inventories allow our examiners greater opportunity to manage Partici­pants’ claims much more efficiently, timely, and appropriately to achieve fair and equitable resolu­tion of claims.

Return-to-Work Program

ALPHA Fund educates Participants in the impor­tance of developing a return-to-work program specific to their needs, and encourages Partici­pants to seek opportunities for temporary alter­nate or modified positions within the workplace for employees who have experienced work related injuries.

In-house Bill Review

ALPHA Fund’s in-house bill review process pro­vides for more efficient management of costs and timely payments to vendors and providers.

No Internal Profit Centers

ALPHA Fund has no internal profit centers. Not having internal profit centers allows ALPHA Fund to provide Participants with coverage at the lowest possible cost.