Workplace Violence Prevention

According to April’s New England Journal of Medicine, “…three out of four workplace assaults occur in the health care setting” (Winter, 2006).  What leads to this disproportionate frequency of workplace violence incidents happening in the healthcare sector?  While there is no scientific consensus as to the causal factors, anecdotally, the answer lies in the very Read More »

When an Injury Occurs

The most important steps an employer can take to optimize the results of workers’ compensation claims are those actions taken immediately upon notice of injury. When an employee claims a work-related injury you are obligated to provide the employee with a DWC-1 Claim Form within 24 hours.  You should also send the employee for medical Read More »

A Day in the Life of… Curt Jones, CFO, ALPHA Fund

How long have you been an employee of ACHD/ALPHA Fund?   I joined ACHD/ALPHA Fund on February 1, 2005. What is your role at ACHD/ALPHA Fund?   I am the Chief Financial Officer.  My primary responsibility is Finance.   The Directors of HR, Underwriting and IT also report to me.   I’m accountable for the following: Financial Reporting Read More »

Guest Blog: Palomar & The Mayo Clinic

In December 2013, Palomar Health announced a new collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The collaboration is the first in California, providing Palomar Health physicians with more tools to provide our patients with an additional layer of expertise and care. Most of the partnership between Palomar Health and the Mayo Clinic is behind the Read More »

Summer Recess begins soon in Sacramento

Today marks a milestone for legislation in Sacramento.  All bills must be heard and passed out of policy committees to continue on for the year.  ACHD & ALPHA Fund’s Advocacy Team has spent countless hours in committee hearings for the past few weeks. Here are a few bills of importance that will be moving forward: Read More »

California Budget Passes

Last Sunday evening, the legislature came to an agreement and passed the state budget only hours before the constitutional deadline.  The Governor is expected to sign the budget today. The budget includes $437 million to support Medi-Cal expansion under the federal health reform, expands eligibility for pregnant women to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, Read More »

ACHD & ALPHA Fund are Committed to Wellness

In January of this year, ACHD & ALPHA Fund launched “Simple Steps to Wellness,” a program aimed to educate and promote wellness practices in the workplace and at home. Sheila Johnston, Legislative Advocate for ACHD, and Diana Watts, Administrative Assistant for ALPHA Fund, make up the Wellness Team.  The Wellness Team promotes health and wellness Read More »

Safety and Health Awareness Week

Improving workplace safety is beneficial in more ways than one.  North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Awareness Week, May 4 – 10, rallies a strong commitment to provide a healthy and safe environment for all workers. Beyond awareness, Safety and Health Awareness Week is about improving attitudes toward workplace safety, increasing employees’ understanding of Read More »