Community Hospice, Inc. named Participant of the Year

Modesto, CA – Community Hospice, Inc. was announced as the winner of the BETA Healthcare Group-Workers’ Compensation 2016 Participant of the Year Award on February 23 at the Annual Participants’ Meeting held in Newport Beach, CA.  The Participant of the Year Award is provided to a member organization that demonstrated superior performance in their employee safety and workers’ compensation program over the prior policy year.

Community Hospice, Inc. (CHI) takes pride in the Culture of Safety it has developed over the past several years.  Recognizing that culture isn’t built overnight, CHI acknowledged that lacking this Culture of Safety would negatively impact its ability to deliver on the company mission; “Community Hospice provides compassionate and quality care, education, and support to terminally ill patients and their families, regardless of ability to pay.”  At the leadership of President and CEO, Da Sha McLeod and her team, CHI has put into place measures to ensure employee and patient safety remain at the forefront of employees’ minds.  From day one of employment, CHI demonstrates to staff their commitment to this culture through extensive training, education and supportive programs all focused on health and safety.  But the message doesn’t stop there; safety is woven into the fabric of their operations.   Whether it be a vibrant and effective safety committee with members from every level of the organization, quarterly safety inspections of each facility, monthly safety presentations at all-employee meetings, or putting all employees through an extensive defensive driver training program, CHI continually reminds employees of the importance safety and how it fits into their daily tasks.

Community Hospice, Inc. serves as an outstanding example of what Commitment, Accountability, Responsibility and Engagement in a Culture of Safety can achieve.  BETA Healthcare Group is proud to present this well-deserved award to Community Hospice, Inc.

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“Community Hospice, Inc. (CHI) is a non-profit organization providing medical, nursing, emotional, spiritual and educational support to individuals, their families, loved ones, and caregivers coping with grief of life-threatening illness”.   (